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Art Theory 3 – Revisiting the Redhead

Welcome to Art Theory in Disneyland where we take a look at the artistic impacts and influences of the happiest place on earth. This time we look at the changes to the iconic Auction...

Framing art – Art theory by Oana Unciuleanu

Framing art – Art theory by Oana Unciuleanu There are two aspects to consider when choosing a frame. First: the frame should complement the artwork, making … UCR4aEj_0EavPFkR78sEGECA source

Art Theory (Comedy Short)

Art Theory is a messed up class. Club JAK Films on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/clubjakfilms Written by – Kyle Beauregard, Andrew Boutselis and Jon … UCakAR7v4x7tEuDc80VEhinQ source

Art Theory (short film)

An artist’s struggle. Semi-low quality digital transfer from 16mm film is the most a poor student can afford. Sorry. Not bad for a first year film. Shot with a Bolex and … UCgTnalBGQ3NRw2GieyNqdBw source

Art Theory: 2014.12.11 Tomoko Mukai

Intersection project 日本大学芸術学部インターセクション・プロジェクト2014 平成26年度文化庁 大学を活用した文化芸術推進事業 『多領域横断型芸術… UCp-uvmo2ZCHpRo5dDgCM60g source

Art theory and my chalk board 1/2

Tis is a philosophical discussion about art theory and cultural issues. .I start the video with an orientation and introduction to how I am utilizing the space for … UCG_z-sit_jbl_pbABQpenSA source

PNCA Contemporary Art Theory Fall 09

Six artists in the PNCA Contemporary Art Theory Seminar discuss their artistic work and practice in light of contemporary theory. UCelP7r8f-6c0BrkAyMJMctA source

The Sug’Art Theory #3

Le troisième épisode de notre mini série qui vous révèle la recette du gâteau qui vous a tant fait rêver durant nos événements ! UC0cPnqqNZoChJ9MiOqtfE4g source

Art Theory/Life Story

This was done using the sets and mannequins from my major art project. The video reflects the connection I found between the world of art and life itself. UC0T29yJK91T_01dF4GPF8DQ source