Bermuda Triangle Explained Now By Quantum Physics

Universe Inside You

The Bermuda Triangle or Devil’s Triangle has become one of the most unexplained mysteries on our planet. Over the last five centuries, hundreds of planes, and countless ships have mysteriously sunk – or disappeared entirely – along with thousands of crew and passengers.
As new discoveries in quantum physics are published, they lend more credibility to one fascinating and fantastic theory. In the last few decades, scientists have proven that the time and space continuum can be altered… even the late Stephen Hawking proposed the possibility that a wormhole could open and connect from a point in our space-time to another in a distant universe.

Written and Narrated by Elisabeth Firestone: [email protected]

Cuts from the following documentaries were used under Fair use:
History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens”
Science Channel’s “Bermuda Triangle Science of the Abyss”
National Geographic’s “Paranormal: Bermuda Triangle”

Graphics in the video from: “Amitai Angor AA VFX”:

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Written and Narrated by Elisabeth Firestone: [email protected]

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41 Responses

  1. I believe he was going into an entrance into Hollw earth

  2. Kjell Thorp says:

    Atlantis sunk there, still shooting energies from its crystals…

  3. Huge amounts of natural gas released below the bottom of the ocean would make both ships and aircraft disappear. In addition, the gas would make it hard to think while breathing it. Solved

  4. shinobizuken says:

    Any one else notice the swastika…neu swabenland?…Joke! i believe its a dimensional doorway to some thing or old technology from atlantis

  5. Sss Ddd says:

    yeahhhhhh ima take a hard rule 30 on the vortex.

  6. Edwin Jansen says:

    Could it be that… Could it be that…. Could it be that…. NGC Discovery Channel speak for. Yes it is true but we can not tell you outright.

  7. Zahid Anwar says:

    Mera massanger or Whatsapp on kryn

  8. Jake Chenier says:

    Pyramids at the bottom. Prolly also a synthetic merkaba

  9. AD000L says:

    the speaker is a good author

  10. According to linda moulton howe a tunnel connects from triangle to south pole

  11. The best way to a phenomena is use modern tech and send a probe to the Bermuda Triangle

  12. eu tu says:

    and the same result!

  13. eu tu says:

    Philadelphia Project has the same magnetic fog!!! :)))))

  14. Mehar Ahmad says:

    Ancient science fiction but where are other two triangle

  15. There something happened under the Bermuda triangle and above it and hi will bet that a pyramid is under it

  16. Lyle Johnson says:

    I like how open minded the videos are.

  17. Lyle Johnson says:

    I saw ten UFOs back in Clinton, Iowa in 66. I have been reading about strange mysterys before that. I know there is a lot more to the universe than what happens here is minor.

  18. Al DeCursoe says:

    I still think it's a wormhole between Bermuda and the dragon's triangle by China…that's why flight 19 didn't recognize the coastline

  19. the Azure says:

    Electromagnetism. thats all it is.

    and the wrath of God.

  20. Xeno Bardock says:

    Quantum physics have no basis in reality. Google "Uncovering the missing Secrets of Magnetism by Ken L Wheeler". Check authors youtube channel "Theoria Apophasis" for why Quantum physics is nonsense. You will not understand the Universe nor magnet until you read that book, watch authors videos on magnetism, field theory, real metaphysics, light, magnet and ferrocell videos. Even Electric Universe/Thunderbolts Project destroy Quantum physics.

  21. Brad Adult says:

    The vortex was fluctuating forward so it pulled his plane forward. The funnel was not consistent with the earths gravitational pull so it could go any speed. As long as the plane was inside the vortex it was fine because to the plane it was traveling the safety limits. But if his plane collided with the funnel then it would throw the plane into itself and the wormhole would collapse with the plane it it and the plane remains would scatter and the collapse wormhole over all the pressure it would create a massive explosion but since the air was compressed caused by the massive pressure when the wormhole collapsed there was minimal explosion to create.

  22. Brad Adult says:

    This ass just copied somones else's theory.

  23. 93 million miles away XD

  24. Hi there imagine all rivers including the river Nile Africa magnetic force forcing down the Bermuda triangle at high volume

  25. The Bermuda triangle is the place the mother for civilization spirit lived with her own Dragon army's of every nation she was too hot for the surface I think her spirit was made real imitation by dem bom-bo-clot 3 living dead delusional illusions illiterate shit fool's

  26. Naser ALI says:

    What a rubbish video and stupid people who belive that,

    If its true why they dont send drone ( military drone) and straming it life till fall, then you see its true or not, obama sending drone to afghanistan ( how many miles),

    The true about bermuda there is military base for nuclear power n missile against russian, so tney dont want anyone pass by there , they shoot down any one who fly over there ,

    Again send a military drone and you will find out..

  27. jomiyong 800 says:

    why would you use Malaysia Airlines as your pic title

  28. Nikola Leigh says:

    Its called HAARP. NEXRAD, DARPA

  29. SymbianBlack says:

    Define THEORY. Now define GULLIBLE.

  30. Ryan Jarvis says:

    I've always thought the ships couldn't handle the waves and planes couldn't handle the winds.
    Then they sink from magnetic anomalies.

  31. No cruises for me 💪🏿😂😎

  32. I don't live to far from the Bermuda triangle. It's time for me to take that trip!!

  33. LOL WRONG that 1 comment was wrong Titanic was the biggest Fail of deaths

  34. Ray Freeman says:

    They convinced people to stay away from where NASA dumps rockets.

  35. Rod Reynolds says:

    Universe Inside You #360,333 May 2018

  36. love to listen to this speaker, I watched another video of her speaking about the pyramids and found it very interesting

  37. COOL! Thumbs up for this video!

  38. Ma Lee says:

    Haha dissapered with da coke trade