Consciousness Central 2018 – Program 2: Pattie Maes, Mandy Scott, Patrick Palucki, George Mashour

Conscious Pictures

Consciousness Central is a series of programs coming from The Science of Consciousness conference (TSC) in Tucson, Arizona.

Featuring conversations with some of the world’s leading researchers in the field of consciousness, roving reports, and analysis of the day’s main presentations.

In this program:

PATTIE MAES from MIT Media Lab (01:09)
MANDY SCOTT on VR meditation (11:05)
PATRICK PALUCKI on VR meditation (15:09)
GEORGE MASHOUR on anesthetics and consciousness (24:56)
TOM BEVER plenary roundup (32:22)
STUART HAMEROFF plenary roundup (44:10)

Hosted by NICK DAY with plenary roundups by TOM BEVER and STUART HAMEROFF.

To watch TSC 2018 plenaries:

TSC 2019 Interlaken:

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