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20 Responses

  1. Maggy Wilson says:

    I'm a Viet Nam era spinster. Sucks.

  2. Maggy Wilson says:

    I'm watching your older videos because my soul requires it. I know about Sammy Bear now and am very sad. He was gorgeous. I don't have a doggie but would love a big one. I have 5 feline girlies and 2 feline boys. They are my best friends. Love you Sis. Death is scarey (I'm 64) but ya know inevitable! One of these days they'll have a garden too and won't be house bound anymore.

  3. Lisa Kingham says:

    Gorgeous Colette!

  4. Regina Bree says:

    We are having a big problem with emerald ash borers here in southern Ontario Canada.It has killed so many adult trees, but I have loads of ash seedlings coming up in my garden, which is unusual.

  5. Heera Sujan says:

    enjoyed the walk through the wild woods..lovely lush green ferns?

  6. Heera Sujan says:

    loved your greens and the colours…gorgeous garden..

  7. I have the same clusters of seedlings in Montreal Canada!

  8. vi says:

    Your woodland very magical. And here I sit in Delhi in blazing 42 degrees centigrade with 70per cent humidity and watching this video….
    It all looks so soothing, inspiring and brings back the quiet and into my life.
    Much needed at this point at many levels…so thank you for that!

    Bless you…and your natural fernery.

  9. Wow, the clematis are stunning!!!???

  10. Mindy Vaughn says:

    Oh my word! That Sammy Bear is definitely giving you his most disapproving face. That is so funny I could not stop laughing. Bless his little heart.
    That is the most beautiful clematis I have ever seen. The ferns have really inspired me to try to grow some. My winters are not as harsh as yours so I should be able to grow them. I hope.
    I love the hat?

  11. David Bean says:

    It's so true about births. I studied ecology at university and we learnt how the birth ratio of each the sexes changes depending on the amount of each sex already in the population!

  12. David Bean says:

    The flowers in front of the cottage are so pretty!

  13. Your garden is so beautiful! I am in the south west US. Very dry but I am from east of the Mississippi. I grew up with fluffy green trees and lots of flowers. My grandparents were gardeners and great appreciators of beauty.

  14. Thanks for the tip on the Emergence Theory! Very interesting!

  15. Blessings to you too ,all of you up there at Bealtaine Cottage!
    Just beautiful! Hugs from faraway.

  16. Poor Sammy Bear has got the right hump bless him . Thank you Colette for the beautiful video as usual . Your gardens are truly magical . I was saying to my friend the other day that I have never seen my garden in all the 14 years that iv lived here like this year . I have literally 100s of Aquilegia seedlings all over the garden as well as other seedlings and my fruit trees …… well they are only 2 years old some of them and they have grown so so much this year . I’m talking feet . In fact my garden is so abundant i can no longer see through the plants . Next door to me in the field there are so many Field Maple saplings that I couldn’t even begin to count them . I have never seen a year like it . I’m in Kent in England by the way . Blessings to you all xxxx

  17. I’ve got to tell you Colette, when you first came outside, the view of the front garden took my breath away.

  18. Julie Kauran says:

    I need my daily dose of Bealtaine cottage and you Colette. How Heavenly your garden is. What a joy.

  19. Janie2Shoes says:

    So beautiful !! Do you grow hollyhocks.

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