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David Icke is an English writer and public speaker, known since the 1990s as a professional conspiracy theorist calling himself a “full time investigator into WHO and WHAT is really controlling the world.”

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Asking questions I don’t know the answers too 😉
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34 Responses

  1. Appreciate the interview and efforts to make people aware of the lies going on in every day life. I also try to be a living example of the bs going on and show people how to stand up to that. It is funny when people feel threatened by it because they are afraid to face the truth they know deep down inside. I am confident almost every single person will wake up eventually and it is comforting to see more and more people becoming aware of how much more there is then just 'going to work, make money, go home, and restart'. Life was never meant to be that way because that is not what it means to truly be alive. That structure was set up to hold us down and if we didn't have evil people controlling things behind the scenes, that structure wouldn't exist at all.

  2. Redfolgers22 says:

    great interview…even though it looks like it was filmed using flip-phone cameras…i like the rawness of it thanks

  3. riverstun says:

    turquoise shirt, turquoise velours chair – next!

  4. Is paranoia also an illusion

  5. We poisoned the water. As water means life, we Will go extinct by our own hand.

  6. MrRudeBert says:

    I love the thumb nail showing off Mr Ickes Alien heritage. ?

  7. great quote. “If you want to know the agenda, then look at what you cant have an opposing opinion about.” great video. Thought provoking.

  8. Zen Mode says:

    The whole ''DARRPA inventing the internet to control us'' conspiracy is super easily debunked in 2 seconds… However I do enjoy Icke's creative thinking, it's on another level, it's out of here, it's in the stratosphere…

    The internet was a lucky breakthrough, a fortunate accident. Not a chance in hell the Gov. could dream up such a successful consumer product… Besides It enlightens, spreads knowledge, makes videos like this available…. The last thing a ''controlling Gov.'' wants is the public having easy access to dangerous ideas and information…

  9. It's crucial for us to know how our brain work! Knowing something than other gives us ahead start…to use it full potential rather than hitting arrow with no direction!

  10. Phenomenal simply phenomenal
    Wow exactly

  11. Just excellent. I will be watching this at least a few more times.

  12. Teg says:

    It's not a "free world" never was, so why would there be "free speech"

  13. Teg says:

    They had to get everyone on board so that they could throw off the ones that they don't want.

  14. I hear frequency noise/changing tones all the time and feel like something's watching me. I honestly don't know what is happening to me in the past few years but I see things that are unexplainable and it all started around the same time frame as the first time i saw David Ickes videos. I know this sounds so insane but it's totally true!!

  15. Music is distracting ?

  16. i told alot of people in the past to cut back on salt, unhealthy fats, caffeine, sugar/refined carbs,drugs and alcohol and to start eating veggies, fruits, and plant based foods but most human beings don't wanna listen when they barely know or underatand anything bro.

  17. PAPISAN LOVE says:


  18. My OpenMind says:

    Bat shit crazy mixed with a bit of scientific truth, woo woo, nonsense and self important delusion.

  19. kath david says:

    Kids are not allowed to have an imagination now… they are condemned for it. the system knows what it's doing to our kids.

  20. kath david says:

    Speechless society is round the corner… i wish more could see it, zombie smart phones are taking care of that.

  21. kath david says:

    I watched the Zuckerberg interview last night…. he is one extremely strange man.. he really doesn't look human… a bot perhaps… the lights are on.. but nobodies at home… BIZZARE!!!!

  22. kath david says:

    How people throw the term conspiracy THEORIST around… when they haven't got a clue what it means…. David explained it perfectly.

  23. kath david says:

    Trying to make us believe they are un_complicating our lives.. when the opposite is true.. oh! the inversion.

  24. kath david says:

    Awareness… it's so simple when you realise, but you need to go through a process of self discovery to find it, it's extremely painful at times. Never give up. Great interview and interviewer… Amazing guest, David is a good soul… love him.

  25. Mark Zuckerberg is one of the top 10 most guarded people

  26. Love you Culture Fuzz…..Gnz

  27. Dan W says:

    I'm in agreement with your guest 100% except on the climate change. David says that those who believe in human caused climate change are supressing debate is the exact opposite of the truth. The ultra-right financed PR company that used to work for the tobacco industry were given the job of denying a) that climate change exists, b) that climate change is caused by human activities, or c) that enough evidence is available to support a or b; and they've been very successful in this mission, going around and obtaining signatures of "scientists" to support their crap. For example, take the case of Crichton, the author of the Jurassic Park novel. He wrote a book State of Fear, a fiction novel depicting climatologists as terrorists, and denouncing climate change as a hoax, and he happens to be a "scientist", but he's the wrong kind of scientist (went from biology to anthropology to medicine); he is neither a geologist, nor a climatologist, nor anything even remotely related to climate change; which boils down to that he's an opinionated know-nothing writing outside of his field. This is demonstrated by the absurd points he makes in his book, such as saying that the Earth was much hotter than it is now in geologic time. Well, of course it was hotter! At the beginning it was a ball of liquid magma; and for most of its 4 billion years of history its atmosphere had not much oxygen. But that's not the point. About 20 million years ago global temperatures began to drop, until about 12 million years ago it got so cold that there was a first glaciation. Since then, global temperature has oscillated at high frequency, periods of 25,000 to 35,000 years called glacial periods. Even the hot peaks between glaciations have been much cooler than any geologic time before the last 12 million years. So, yes, there have been much hotter global temperatures for most of Earth's history, but in those times there were no humans. Humans appear in the last 2 million years, well within the glacial oscillation period. And if we do go back to temperatures that existed before the glacial oscillation, there will probably not be humans anymore on this planet. As for whether the present climate change is human made, the evidence is overwhelming, and too vast to list here; but let me go to the why is man-made climate change unlike any prior climate change: The "carbon cycle" often quoted is more correctly named "atmospheric carbon cycle", which is only part of the full carbon cycle. The other carbon cycle is the "geologic carbon cycle". The two cycles meet like the two loops in an "8" character. The upper, atmospheric carbon loop comprises atmospheric, terrestrial life and oceanic life carbon. Some of the oceanic carbon ends up getting trapped by abduction due to continental drift. From there it travels deep into the mantle, and eventually returns as carboniferous rocks, diamonds, etc. This is the geologic cycle; and it traps about 10 times as much carbon as exists in the atmospheric cycle. What we humans are doing, which never happened before, is stealing carbon from the geologic cycle (petroleum extraction) and injecting it into the atmospheric cycle. Thus, we are not just moving carbon from trees to atmosphere, as we used to do before industrialization, that could be re-balanced by planting more trees. That kind of carbon disruption was reversible, as it was not increasing the total amount of carbon at the life+atmosphere level; but what we are doing now is vastly increasing the total amount of carbon up here. If we were to decide to stop even now, cold turkey, and start growing trees and supporting rain-forests, we could turn our planet into a Gaia-style rain-forest, and it would not be enough to sink the amount of carbon we have already added to the atmosphere. Crichton's position on climate change was criticized by a journalist Michael Crowley. What Crichton did, rather than openly discussing Crowley's points, was to make Crowley into a fictional character of his next novel, named Mick Crowley, having a notoriously small penis, among other characteristics worthy of ridicule. Is that what David considers "openness to discuss"?
    But most of the green-house effect is not from carbon in the form of CO2, but rather CH4, methane. Methane is 70 times more opaque to infrared light than CO2 is; and so, even though we produce less total methane than CO2, 70% of green house is effected by added methane, and only 30% by added carbon dioxide. Also contrary to popular view, human caused methane contributions are only about 1/2 due to cow flatulence; the other 1/2 being due to termites exuding methane. Our farming practices have been causing a gross overpopulation of termites. Brazil has been promoting its meat exports to try to cope with their Rothschild debt, I mean World Bank/IMF debt, and to increase meat production they need new land all the time, which they obtain by reducing the Amazon rain-forest, which they accomplish by burning down trees over square kilometres at a time. That produces CO2, of course. But much worse is what happens after, as termites move in to feed on the roots left under the ground. A lot of climate models used in denial propaganda focus exclusively on CO2 and conveniently leave out CH4. But I'm getting tired of typing, so let me end this with another fact that most people are unaware of: If you add together the biomass of land animals, excluding insects, 36% of it is accounted by human biomass, and a whopping 60% is accounted for by farm animals. 36+60=96. Only 4% of the total biomass is left for all other mammals, birds and reptiles. We are far too close to becoming a planet of a dozen or so species. And soon after killing most other species, global temperatures will kill us, and our monstrously weak farm animals and pets. So all there will be on this planet is a few plants, anaerobic (toxic) bacteria, and a tardigrades will rule. Maybe the Rothchilds will live underground and send out submarines to collect tardigrades for food, for a few decades, if they are lucky. Do we want this? If lowering our birth-rate is too hard to organize and implement immediately, what we could at least start with is a global ban on meat production and consumption. I don't mean extreme veganism, but I do suggest at least global vegetarianism. It would at least relieve our environmental footprint in a huge way, while we take our sweet time implementing global birth control. What makes this really difficult now is the disservice done by militant Vegans, trying to sell plant-based diets using lies, exaggerations, distortions of reality, and fanaticism. They have alienated the entire world to such an extent that the mere mention of vegetarianism makes people start exhaling loudly and prepare to walk away. When I was a kid, back in the 60's, most people ate meat based diets, but did not disparage vegetarianism, at all. Today they want to hear nothing about plant-based diets, no thanks to militant Vegans. And yet we need to become vegetarians, to save ourselves and our planet. If we fail at this, then we will have implicitly justified David Rockefeller's plan to reduce human population by means of wars. If we choose to live in denial, then we are giving our okay to the ruthless elites to do things their evil ways.
    In my experience, climate deniers and skeptics are the ones not willing to have a dialogue. When I meet them, they never let me speak, interrupting again and again, to spew their laundry list of fallacies, and once they run out of fallacies to spew, and my turn to speak finally comes, the say "I'm skeptical" and walk away. Do you find my post showing an unwillingness to discuss? Try me.

  28. I have heard of him back in 2010 but he was talking too much about lizard people and it put me off him. Now he is talking so it's eazy to listen ?

  29. Stine Groven says:

    Rocking the background-beat in the intro tho ????

  30. papinbala says:

    Absolute and utter nonsense. Proper gibberish mate. What happened to the reptilians? C mon David this wifi stuff is boring.

  31. Love and light reflections!???✌?️

  32. Nic Reid says:

    How is this allowed to be up? Where’s big brother at?