Dr Imke Bock-Möbius — 'Experiencing Cosmic Oneness – Qigong Meets Quantum Physics' by Iain McNay


Author of ‘Qigong Meets Quantum Physics’, Imke studied Nuclear Physics and Particle Physics and became interested in Qigong after she experienced a dramatic healing in Beijing. During her teens she had questions such as, ‘What operates behind visible reality?’ and ‘How was the Universe Built?’
She explains how Qigong and Quantum Physics meet, Non-local interactions, the Observer effect and Entanglement.
‘All things only exist because they arise together with their complementary opposite’. ‘There is no such thing as an isolated particle; can there be such a thing as an isolated human being?’. ‘The oneness of emptiness and the world of apparent phenomena is the last secret on the path to understanding reality’.

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16 Responses

  1. Jane Douglas says:

    That was the best explanation – and demonstration – of Qigong that I've ever seen!

  2. @open-minded sceptic: qigong is, as the word implies, working with qi. There is moving qigong and still qigong, what they have in common is the fact that qi is actively worked with. One needs a good method and a good teacher to use qi to full advantage. I know because in the last four months I have made more progress, with a teacher  and an excellent method, than in the three previous years.

  3. YZ C says:

    @openminded Skeptic: Maditaion, movement part & Standing( Zhan Zhuang) are all Qigong. The goal of them is to clean one's meridians, to fost Qi; therefore strenthen one's immue system and be able to mange one's own health. The result of meditation will be better if one does movement part first.  Some type of Qigong can be very effective for treat one's chronic problems. For example, Swan Qigong can treat lung problems such as TB, or Hemorrhoids very effectively. My very heavy Hemorrhoids was gone just in two weeks of learning of the Qigong when I was in my twenties. And this problem never come back again! Then I taught my brother who was suffering TB for 7 years and there was a hole on his lung.He was treated by doctors for over 7 years but unfortunately, his lung problem was getting worse. He practiced Swan Qigong for just for three month, and cured his TB by himself! Since then he seems never goes to hospital again. When ever he feels not right with his body, he does meditation and Swan Qigong.

  4. TaoPiet says:

    Quantum physics seems metaphysical physics. But for most people it's theory, they don't feel it. Chi-Gong is experiencing quantum physics. It seems applied metaphysics. People like Imke Bock-Mobius bridge the gap between two worlds. Another example is Barbara Ann Brennan.

  5. Thank you for the wonderful videos. 🙂

  6. DJDurstify says:

    This guest is delightful!

  7. Jar A says:

    Both individuals seemed to me to be at the right state of mind; very calming, like looking at the ocean.

  8. Thank you from Israel !!

  9. thank you from denmark

  10. Jen K says:

    Thank you. Beautiful demonstration at the end, it was very relaxing to watch.

  11. I like all your uploads i'm able to catch but this one is my favorite so far. i really appreciate what you put out there for us.

  12. im getting an education and i know what u are talking about. theres a conceptual framework there that has not been applied to the surroundings.

  13. Meta Patriot says:

    32;31 how about the yin and yang of the first order ? something from nothing – (perfect symmetry / broken symmetry ) being of first order on her model ? only then you start to see the problem of favoring materialism.

  14. Meta Patriot says:

    17:00 I have run into the same thing having "only" a high school education I have run into such bizarre situations where so called "educated" individuals seemed severely handicapped by there education in some form of compartmentalization. They seem to lack or understand the bigger picture.

  15. I appreciate all of your uploads. Please continue what your doing, thanks.

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