Joseph Ledoux – How Brain Scientists Think About Consciousness

Closer To Truth

Is consciousness a scientific problem to be solved? Or a philosophical problem that will remain a mystery? What do scientists who study the brain think?

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13 Responses

  1. Joe Bergmann says:

    Yeah!  Such clarity, and I wish I had known this 50 years ago!  Intuitively, I had figured this out:  that emotions are filters that affect my experience of my experience.  That is, when I am depressed or anxious, positive or courageous thoughts can't make it to my consciousness.  When I am angry, compassion is nowhere to be experienced.  All along, all my spiritual and cognitive search was like looking for a software solution to a hardware problem:  No connection between the prefrontal cortex and the amygdala.  So soon old and so late smart(er).

  2. BFKC says:

    Is that an alien from some Dune film?

  3. dan connor says:

    Spockishness works well most of the time. Why not an ideal?

  4. Every step forward in reason took certain questions from religion to philosophy, every step forward in science takes certain questions from philosophy to science. It’s inevitable.

  5. Nordic 95 says:

    Last 30 seconds the guy described the movie equilibrium. A dystopian future where emotion is seen as the enemy, and every shred of it has been rid from humanity through drugs.

  6. Rael Kaz says:

    Will AI have emotions? if not they will be less manupilated than homo spaiens

  7. Niaaal says:

    Fear and depression can be controlled by rational thought…

  8. A 100,000 year projection?

  9. 1. Some entity do my test for what is called 'gravity'. Contact me if you want to know what the test is. (I would the test but do not currently have the necessary resources to do so).
    2. 'If' proven to be true, that what is called 'gravity' is a part of what is currently recognized as the photon, 'gravity' being the force that makes the sine wave of em expand and contract and acts basically 90 degrees to the em forces, which of course act basically 90 degrees to each other, then it would be highly probable that the pulsating, swirling photon would be the energy unit of this universe that makes up everything in existence in this universe, including consciousness, memories and thoughts.
    3. Everything in existence would be photons and interacting photons.

  10. phil durre says:

    human brain id way to difficult to understand, we can understand 1% of it at the very best

  11. da Kid says:

    Informative-keep it up please