Leanne Venier, Science of Color & Light Therapy Expert – Pt 1,2&3 COLOR, CONSCIOUSNESS & HEALING, HD

Leanne Venier

Visit Leanne Venier’s http://CatalyticColor.com to learn more about the Healing Effects of Color, Light & Art and Flow State

This talk, hosted by IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences) & INACS (Institute for Neuroscience & Consciousness Studies) includes:

Part 1:
“How Our Bodies Absorb Color & Light Energy and Why We Need these Colors for Optimal Health”
Direct Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GN4WwklpgE

Part 2:
“How Color and Light Influence our Biophotons” and
“The Healing Effects of Artwork”
Direct Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxvnRUpj1N0

Part 3:
“How We Can Use Individual Color Energies for Optimal Health & Well-being”
Direct Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RxNq6x8nxY.

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Leanne Venier, BSME, CP AOBTA, is an international award-winning artist, scientist, engineer and expert on color and light who regularly lectures about the healing effects of color, light frequencies and art at major medical centers, MENSA and elsewhere. She now combines her art with her past careers as a mechanical engineer, acupuncturist and eastern medicine practitioner to teach medical practitioners and lay people about the latest medical research on how to use color and art for healing purposes.

The LEANNE VENIER Gallery is located in Austin, TX and private viewing appointments can be arranged on the Contact page at www.leannevenier.com. Venier is available for personal or business Healing Color Consultations.

Venier’s artwork has been reported by countless viewers to have profound positive and healing effects. Among many other things, during this talk, Venier shares the scientific research that shows why certain types of artwork have beneficial healing effects on the body and the psyche.

These 3 video segments include detailed information on:
* How our bodies absorb and use color and light frequencies;
* Latest scientific research and current medical applications for treating cancer and other illnesses using color and light;
* New studies and technology that support healing of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, autism, and other diseases and disorders;
* The science behind the healing effects of certain types of artwork;
* Why we need all the color frequencies found naturally in sunlight for optimum health;
* What are biophotons and why they are so important to optimal health and wellbeing;
* How color and consciousness are connected;
* Color attributes and how we can use them every day to prevent and heal illness. (Samples of Venier’s artwork are included for experiential purposes.)

“I’ve always been interested in how various colors are tied into our psyche and, more importantly, how they affect us on the physical and emotional levels,” says Venier. “We are, in fact, so influenced by color that by simply noticing which colors we’re drawn to at any given time, we can gain insight into where and how we need to bring balance back into our lives.”

Leanne Venier was a mechanical engineer designing submarines until a lifelong passion for healing and knowledge about consciousness drew her to the healing arts. This journey took her to Italy for seven years and back to the United States for advanced training as an acupuncturist and shiatsu practitioner. Six years ago, Venier started painting and left her healing practice to begin working as a professional artist. It is from this diverse background that Venier presents data gathered from 70 years of scientific research into the healing effects of color, light frequencies, and art.

Venier has exhibited her artwork and lectured at major medical centers on the healing effects of color and light frequencies and their role in medicine. Her artwork has won numerous awards and been featured in many magazines around the world. Venier has been interviewed on Austin’s NPR-KUT and KOOP radio stations as well as NBC-WOAI-TV’s San Antonio Living Show in regard to her artwork and its role in using color to heal. She has also served as a color healing consultant for the Austin State Hospital and conducted workshops on the healing effects of color for UT Medicine’s Cancer Therapy & Research Center in San Antonio.

Leanne’s award-winning, healing artwork has been sought out for private and corporate collections throughout the United States and as as far away as Hong Kong.

Her healing artwork can be viewed on her website or, the full therapeutic effects of the work may be experienced in person in her LEANNE VENIER GALLERY located in central Austin, TX.

Venier is also available for personalized Color Healing Consultations.

Please visit http://CatalyticColor.,com for more information.


16 Responses

  1. Excellent presentation and I am glad to see John Ott and Jacob Liebermans' work on light being rescued from obscurity…Anyone else notice the "coughing man" starting up whenever she talked about anything like free range verses cage free? Was big Pharma mafia in the room to bully the speaker? The coughing pattern was consistent I think so.

  2. Jaromir Dub says:

    U R FANTASTICO!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. You are brilliant and amazing!!!!!!!!! Thank you!! For sharing, for what you do, for who you are!!!! Absolutely beautiful!!!!! Love love love love love love love love love!!!!!!!!! Impeccably profound!! More more more!! I need more!!! I’m addicted!!! 😄 really I want to buy your light panel (and I probably will) I wish it was full body! Also do you have any recommendations for a sauna? Infinite loving gratitude to you beautiful soul shine!!!!! 💜

  4. she's incredible. we need to see the importance of her great work.

  5. Syed Raza says:

    Hi im Gemologist from Bangalore I'm huge huge fan of yours I will watch all videos of yours plz plz reply me my Whatsapp is +918861097330 I really wanted to learn completely from you plz reply now

  6. Thank you for making it easier to understand and retain this important information! And I see why your art became popular–it's just delicious for your eyes!

  7. ME ME says:

    I really like the fact that you have Intergrated a wide range of frequency and colors effects of nature in a scientific way. I am in the medical field and I am very holistic with fix nature with nature. I have always been drawn to color, frequency and vibration healing People don't realize how powerful light and frequency can be or that the whole universe is based on it. Everything has a frequency and you can tune into it. It's why the sun can give you vitamin D. Also why you eat a variety of colors of fruits and vegetables because the body with absorb the energy and vitamins from them. Most patients that are sick, cancer, depressed are lacking vitamin D which comes from the sun.
    Thank you. Looking forward to learning more from you. Hoping to find a school that teaches this because I believe it will be the wave of the future

  8. Trebor Seven says:

    Excellent introduction to light therapy. Thanks for the upload.

  9. Nice presentation. Look forward to seeing more

  10. Such an awesome talk! 😀 Just a reminder, there is also an app called Twilight for Android (at least) that does the same thing like F.lux on phones/tablets.

  11. You talk about blue light coming out of ipads and computer screen and explain how they are responsible for keeping one awake. Can you please explain how the light coming out of these devices are blue as I see them as white? And blue light on colour therapy are calming and actually blue.

  12. ann prince says:

    I have painted for years and people always said to me that the artwork was "alive", it struck me profoundly that reaction. I am not a professional but loved colour. before I knew it had energy. Just try with colour sand see foe yourself for some reason I do not like maroon, lime green, but most others Ilike

  13. Thank you for sharing 😉

  14. Tina Tara says:

    Thanks for sharing Leanne! Im looking forward to chatting and learning more about your work. I spent a no of years studying colour therapy with a teacher on Georgian Bay- Audrey Anne Lowrie- The Colour Inst of Canada. I also made a corporate demo video for her work.

    Cheers ! tina

  15. Thanks Antares!
    If you're interested in knowing more about any of the light therapy devices I talked about in the video, I've recently added a section on my website (see link above) under the Color Therapy Tools tab. Since so many people have asked for my recommendations, I now share about the devices that I've tested & recommend for home use as well as where to find the best prices (there wasn't time during the talk to go into depth about this). (I can't add a direct link to this comment)

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