Mark Anthony – Debunking Death: Near-death Experiences and the Light of Quantum Consciousness


Mark Anthony – Debunking Death: Near-death Experiences and the Light of Quantum Consciousness, 2017 IANDS Conference

Since the dawn of recorded history, millions of people worldwide have described Near-Death Experiences. These Spiritually Transformative Experiences include encounters with spirits of deceased loved ones. Using a colorful and dynamic PowerPoint presentation, paranormal expert and spiritual bestselling author Mark Anthony, the Psychic Lawyer® (aka the Psychic Explorer®) will deliver an uplifting, enlightening and fascinating presentation about how quantum physics offers credible validation for the existence of the soul, the afterlife, spirit communication, karma, reincarnation and the reality of Near-Death Experiences. Mark Anthony’s research is based on science, theoretical physics, human physiology and credible evidence. This groundbreaking and uplifting journey into the Light bridges the gap between the scientific and the spiritual and removes fear and superstition surrounding spirit contact. This inspiring, informative and entertaining event is for all people of all belief systems.

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32 Responses

  1. muchimi says:

    No hell in torah Judaism

  2. Karen Shunk says:

    My Dad, had been in a coma for 5 days prior, dieing of Small Cell Lung Cancer with COPD & Dimentia, became totally lucid during the night, the day before he passed away. He was speaking to my Mom in Heaven, ( he had been almost daily for the last 2 months of his life!) & said, " Yes, All 4 girls are here now." Then he turned to me, and said, " What has you so worried Bug?" ( my childhood nickname!) And with is non moving limbs of days, pulled me close, and kissed me on the lips twice. Being psychic, I knew one kiss was from my Mom, as well as the question he asked, as my Mom called me Bug always. This was Great Mark! So glad I thought to look for your appearences on You Tube! Now I can catch up on all I have missed! Thank you!

  3. Shulem Josef says:

    The silly voices are very distracting from the seriousness of the subject.

  4. TJF F says:

    I love the teaching and humor you are tremendous

  5. Very good presentation with expansive data. Thank you very much!

  6. i belive in nde ,but this man is full of… well..

  7. Paul Parks says:

    Peace, love and light to all ! We are ALL 1 be kind to each other ~

  8. csinapati says:

    Pope Clement 2nd — born 1264ad in Villandraut Gascony Kingdom of France; birth name Raymond Bertrand deGol, resided in Avignon France – died April 20th 1314ad in Roquemaure, Papal States; Had close relationship with King Phillip 1V The Fair of France; Phillip was corrupt and war monger; had placed Raymond Bertrand deGol (Pope Clement V) as Pope in Italy. Pope Clement V read Dante Alighieris 14th Century Epic Poems of Divine Comedy i.e., Dante's Inferno, Purgatorio & Paridiso; decided that was going to be his explanation of Hell, he added the nature of hell i.e., "you know Jesus is gonna come back, defeat Satan & cast him in Lake of Fire" and using it's Trash Dump outside of Gethsemane in Jerusalem where they use to throw dead paupers bodies & crucified so called criminals in his description of Hell: Then this Control Mechanism becomes a place where Religion is a way to Control where people in an Unknown Eternal Fire's where people are going, if they do not obey Church! Everyone needs to try and understand Who We Are: What the Purpose in our lives are: Whats the meaning of life: And how do we stay out of Hell: Well, There is No Hell & No-One is going to Hell. (see Saved by the Light 1995 movie – Darrion Brinkley) see N.D.E's (You Tube).

  9. This guy is liar and his father is the devil. Leviticus 20:27, why would God say this and it not be true to this day

  10. Miss Kai says:

    Love his refreshing personality!

  11. I believe many come come back to repeat this life,,, just like one may have to repeat a grade in school, some just fail, they go through this life and just dont learn. On the other hand, others do learn, and grow, and these are the people who dont need to repeat the lesson, they move on to the next level,,,, the next grade, if you will,,,,, ?✌??

  12. Wonder Boy says:

    Its as if whatever you talk about is correct and should be accepted, there is no heaven and hell belief is misleading. There are near death experiences who were shown what hell is, what heaven is and theres this speaker that denies heaven and hell and believes in reincarnation. Filter your speakers, Iands! Stick to near death experiencers!

  13. Wonder Boy says:

    Can we just stick to near death experiences??? Iands is now infiltrated by people with weird beliefs and man made concepts that contradict with other near death experiencers' experiences.

  14. Linda Lai says:

    You are full of it. Howard Storm has a very profound near death experience and asked Jesus about reincarnation and was told that we do NOT reincarnate back to earth. Betty Eadie was told the same thing and I refuse to believe in reincarnation.

  15. M A says:

    Reincarnation simply does NOT exist! It is very possible that we simultaneously live in other worlds of God!

  16. Diesel says:


  17. Absolutely fantastic, thoroughly fascinating !! One of my favourite talks so far

  18. When quantum physicists say the "quantum consciousness field" that's just their way of saying god, but no scientist will say the G word. It's science blasphemy.

  19. When quantum physicists say the "quantum consciousness field" that's just their way of saying god, but no scientist will say the G word. It's science blasphemy.

  20. Former Super Novas, are now- Humans Whales, Elephants, Dolphins, Lobsters, Redwoods, bacteria etc.,,,,,, We are Recycled Reassembled Star Dust

  21. Jack Naneek says:

    He can't decide if he wants to educate or make fun of people's accents.

  22. barley corn says:

    The fellow presenting is pretty good on some of the history, but the scientific associations he makes are a little more tenuous, eg. the speed of sensory nerve transmission in the legs is known, and in people without neuropathy is about 45 m/s. So if you drop something on your foot like ol' FF did in this lecture it takes the impulse about 0.05 seconds to travel up to the brain on a 6 1/2 foot tall person, quicker on a shorter person. Ever notice if you've done something like this that there is a slight delay between what you see happening and what you feel happening?The speed of light is 3×10*8 m/s, which is quite a bit faster, so this speed of light reference explaining some human physiologic processes that he propounds, is well let's just say up for significant debate

  23. John Adams says:

    This is the best talk that I’ve heard in a very long time ?✊??❤️?

  24. Judy Yeager says:

    I really enjoyed it and i am hoping it is true . My boyfriend died in March and i really need to know that he is ok.

  25. Sia LycanFae says:

    What happens if someone is in a coma for years, or severely mentally impaired, do they pass over death or are they ‘stuck’ somewhere?

  26. Thad Horner says:

    Mr. Anthony, your bad joke about incest, which appears to stereotype a group of people, is not worthy of your otherwise excellent lecture. I am sure you can find a kinder way of joking.

  27. Holy moses that was fricken awesome. My wife Is so devout catholic and denies reincarnation. I made her listen to the fighter pilot james story again. He was from Lafayette. I would so like to understand what governs the next life in timing and in when where and how. My wife was kind of sent to me we never met before she was divinely sent from another country. The catholic father she met around the corner from the Vatican that she fell into spiritual love with, she wanted a priest just like him to perform her marriage. Priests sent her from colombia to Atlanta, literally. I met her on her 3rd day in Atlanta across the street from st Patrick's catholic church in norcross at a restaurant where she had been working for 1 hour, my 1st time in the restaurant. After the pre canan catholic course for catholic approval she said father, were you in Italy 2 years ago and did you give this rosary medallion to me? So her marriage priest was the exact one she spiritually fell in love with in italy. Now if I could just get her to understand many paths to God exist even outside of the catholic church and reincarnation is the nature of the universe.