Parallel Reality Shifting: From Possible to Probable to Inevitable

Aaron Doughty

INSTANTLY go from Possible to Probable with Parallel Reality Shifting. The reality you want already exists, all you have to do is SHIFT to it. This video i’ll show you EXACTLY how to experience the reality you prefer.

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This video, I’m going to be sharing with you how to go from possible to probable with parallel reality shifting. This video is going to show you exactly what to do so that you make what you want to experience a reality.

Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now in this video I’m going to be sharing with you that of parallel reality shifting, understanding the timelines in a new way to where you know practically what you can do to make something go from possible to probable.

And a lot of this has to do with understanding the energy dynamics when it comes to parallel reality shifting. So the first most empowering idea that I know of when it comes to Parallel reality shifting is knowing that the reality you want to experience it already exists. It’s already something real.

Somewhere. It’s about matching the vibrational frequency of it so that we begin to perceive of it. You know, um, it’s a funny thing and going to see Bashar today and uh, uh, he’s at here in Vegas and a lot of what he teaches is on, you know, parallel reality shifts. And one thing that he says a lot though is that manifestation is not attracting something from over there to Into Here.

It’s more so about making what is invisible visible because everything exists here in now. So think of it as just different rates of vibration. So when we think of this, think of how can I match the frequency of the version of me that’s already doing what I want to do. And when we start to come at it from that perspective, we see that things happen easier than ever when it’s about frequency matching versus trying to go through the process in our mind.

And, and I get it too because we grew up believing that everything had to be very linear. We grew up thinking that things had, it’d be like a past, present, future. There was a beginning, a middle and end. And because of that, we go through this process in our mind of what it takes for us to create something in their life when I can be much easier when we focus on the vibration, the vibrational feeling of what we want to experience.

So first off, understand that the reality you want to experience, it already exists. It’s simply about making what is currently invisible, visible. And the way you make something go from invisible to visible is by matching the frequency of it. Now the funny thing is too, is if you go to a Bashar thing, some people go up there and they’ll ask, they’ll say, is this possible?

Is uh, me doing xyz possible? And Bashar will always say it is not a matter of something being possible. Anything is possible because there’s an infinite number of parallel realities that exist. Even things that seem to be ridiculous, those are possibilities. It’s just maybe not a probability. So the key to this is not asking ourselves a question, is something possible?

It’s about asking, is it probable, is it probable? And the way you increase probability in our reality is by simply setting more intentions. When we set intentions, we increase the probability of something happening. And this is also if you study, there’s a guy named Thomas Campbell who is a guy that is a been studying the simulation theory has something called a big theory of everything. The Big toe is what it’s called. I was, I was funny because he’s got this like really legit scientific.

He’s a physicist. It’s really big scientific book that’s like this thick. And on it it says my big toe and it’s got like the big simulation tow things. So it was kind of funny, but tow theory of everything has to the understanding that we live within a virtual reality. Now this may seem a little bit scary. It’s not scary though. It’s very empowering.

We are immortal, spiritual beings, living temporary human experiences and we forget who we are. And because of that, what happens is we go through that veil of forgetfulness. But in the reality system that we have, what increases probability? His intention, he says that all the time, the Thomas Campbell guy that I’m talking about, he talks about how anytime we want to experience something, we set more intentions

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  1. heyyyy everyone here's the meditation I mentioned in the video! Listen for 21 days and you'll raise your vibration to a new level. Much Love 🙂

  2. Lior Horst says:

    Thank you so much Brother.

  3. You've really helped me a lot… I'm no longer looking for results because I believe in myself & my own intentions. The results I have right now are a shift within myself. Listening to your videos every day has an impact in the way I perceive things and love & trust myself

  4. Is it possible that the video-art, before you watch it, shows aaron with 666 gesture and virtually 3 versions of him ( mk-ultra-sign)?.. Seems obvious. Sometimes my intuiton bell warns me, simillar to Infinite Waters and his cabalistic/luciferan handsigns and video-art.

  5. Im blown away right now!!!! you are speaking to all the incites I have been reviving the last few days… each day you are speaking about what ive been researching…

  6. Distracting noises though

  7. Distracting noises though

  8. Jeff Johnson says:

    I wonder if parallels shape our reality to a degree and a collection of them shape our memories and ech of us having memories within our own personal perception. Maybe if things seem to chang fast and oddly in society and the way people act would mean your on less parallels. less concious of the parallels, ha

  9. Aaron. I love your work, but my big turn off is this concept of "belief."

    I'm exhausted, frustrated & tired of being broke. I work so hard and I just want the beating to end.

    I understand wanting. But how do I "believe" when all I'm catching is a beating?

    I can't see an end to this and I keep looking for a way out.

    Maybe this stuff only works if you're already pretty much free.

  10. Aaron ! fantastic video thank you!! could you explain to us maybe in another video how you differentiate between an intention and an affirmation

  11. Lauren says:

    How can I move to the timeline where me an my ex never broke up and separated

  12. Andrus Neps says:

    Hey Aaron does your hair every dry?

  13. You can feel that Aaron gives every single information from the heart.
    Much love for you Aaron , from morocco?

  14. Betsy says:

    Congratulations ?? 800 K subbies ??????????

  15. I have been watching your videos, and am so inspired by your message. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us.

  16. Maybe people are too literal in their aims, thinking and aiming for materialistic occurrence of situations and circumstances, rather than changing our prospective by letting go of our ego or the desire to experience things personally for ourselves when we are already experiencing as is part of it. Remember the apple of Eden story how we wanted to experience the apple for ourselves? Yet we are already experiencing life, the sense of ego and separation created suffering.

  17. RecarroJames says:

    Frequency matching.
    I've always used the idea of a cellphone transmitter and a mobile phone or a radio and stations.
    You are the radio, the transmitter is always sending/receiving on a particular frequency and if you want to hear whats on a particular station, just tune the radio to the respective frequency.

  18. Trixie Pixie says:

    This comment isn’t related to this video..but I was watching a TV show about hidden history…it was about all the hidden info the Vatican had & one pope said “yoga & Harry Potter were the devils work” lmao!!! I immediately thought of u & thought u wld think it was alittle humorous as well. Also wanted to mention according to quantum physics we’re all source, we all a individual piece of source, we r all of each other & nothing at all…all at the same time…also one more thing..Sedona is a peaceful/beautiful place it’s where I grew up. Just bare n mind when tourist wld come they trashed & polluted it. Threw dirty baby diapers n slide rock creek poisoned the waters w/ E-coli…on my free time I would go around & pick up trash that was left behind…so when u promote tourism there pls let everyone know to keep Sedona beautiful. Much love…thanks for the videos.

  19. Jonas Korte says:

    Last night I was laying in bed, thinking negative thoughts, feeling insecure. (I know…) Then suddenly I stopped and said to myself "fuck that shit man, I'm an alpha now!". Then I suddenly opened up my eyes without realising and felt more confidence than I had ever felt. And that feeling is still present in me. Just wanted to point it out.

  20. Trisha Boo says:

    Congratulations on 700k!!! You're an amazing person much love! ❤❤❤

  21. Krystyna G. says:

    I love your videos, they are like "church" for me. ? When I have a hard time sleeping I play your meditations and seriously crazy sh*! Happens while weaving between consciousness and sleep. It's AWESOME, and has had a noticeable improvement on my life. So thank you @AaronDoughty ??

  22. Found this channel in the 20ks… 700k man amazing the universe is expanding?⚡

  23. Hey keep that series going "thought forms 101,201" you are on the right path

  24. Shell Lee says:

    Thank you your aura is beautiful.

  25. Recently I’ve had two experiences where I set an intention to manifest something one morning and when I woke up to say my affirmation and set the intention to make it happen I realized soon after that it had already occurred the night before! But because I hadn’t set an intention until the following morning, it was not revealed until then. We are time travelers and this is real stuff you guys!!

  26. Ann Tierney says:

    CONGRATS on 700k subscribers Aaron! Peace, love and nameste❣️

  27. An old saying in hermetic magic. Magic backs up the action, and the action backs up the action. Magic takes the path of least resistance, and often manifests as coincidences.

  28. I like it. This is very powerful ?

  29. Aaron…I shall introduce myself. My name, my Andromedan name is Tenka. I stumbled upon your site and now your youtube channel. I see you are trying to help people become aware. Very good. The single problem is, don't give them false hopes. Meditation will not help you if you don't have iron will. I guess you already knew that. I think you are Sirian, If I'm not mistaken. You may or may not be aware of The Exiled from Andromeda I didn't come here to make people realize what's happening. I came here to hide. I don't know if you have a Lord, as we call him. He has an army of very powerful beings. From listening to your videos I see that you use the simplified term of levels. 100,200,300,400,500 etc. I guess that is the equivalent to our 500.000 and so on. The Lord has an approximately 5000 in your measurement system. I vaguely remember me being somewhere in a room where I almost died. It wasn't on Earth. I hated him so much that anger was everything I knew at that point. That was all I remember. Now I'm here on Earth, only knowing where I come from, who I am and what is my purpose. I don't think you ever said that but to anyone reading this. Believe and have a strong willpower. Meditate if necessary. And I would have never realized any of these as soon as now without…love. I don't want to give her name. She is around 200 without even knowing what a starseed is…she is special. It would be very long to explain how I got here and how I know exactly what I am talking about. All I want you to know is that powerful evil energies are let out by The Lord on this planet as for seeking my soul. I am not the only one powerful enough to fight them, but I need you to focus more on these. I am sure you felt them. Every nightmare, every feeling you get that you are being watched, every tremor you feel, every shiver you get, means that they are close. If you will ever feel an unbalance in this force, in your soul, it means someone powerful entered our realm. They manifest physically, emotionally, spiritually. They try to bring you down Aaron. Don't let them. And if you don't believe what I am saying, or think I'm over exaggerating with this…May you have luck. If anyone wants to ask anything about this feel free to comment.

  30. Erika says:

    This video is exactly what I needed to see today!
    Can I ask you if you can do a video about “living in the end” while manifesting a specific person?

  31. Definitely want to put action to the I am's I got listed

  32. According to buddhism desires or intentions are the root of suffering Please comment.Thanks. Bye

  33. Debra Witte says:

    i love you Aaron ! thank you for your help !

  34. ida loup says:

    You can also manifest money just because money is good.
    I don't believe that we need to justify ourselves about what we manifest. We can manifest what we want, what we feel as good for us. Therefore, money is good, we can experience what we intend to with money. We need money anyway to live each experience we want.
    Riding a horse like I do costs money and the gasoline I put in my car to go to the city where I ride costs money.
    Therefore, I say that It's good to manifest money, to indend to be well-off. People are afraid sometimes to manifest that. Money. Just say it money and you will feel that your vibrations are very high when you say it.
    Who in this world wants to be down and out, want to be broke all the time? Nobody!
    It's good to say: I love money because money is good and that's all. Period.
    We don't need to ask for something to happen because It's already here.
    If people don't receive, It's because there's something within them that blocks the money to flow.
    If tomorrow I can't no longer ride a horse, I kill myself. I know it, life knows it. Therefore, life gives me everything I need to continue to ride. It's just like that. There's no "if not". No possibility of a no. Because It's always yes, yes and yes.
    Greetings from Paris

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