Piaget's Theory of Cognitive Development


Piaget’s theory argues that we have to conquer 4 stages of cognitive development:
1. Sensori-Motor Stage
2. Pre-Operational Stage
3. Concrete Operational Stage
4. Formal Operational Stage

Only once we have gone through all the stages, at what age can vary, we are able to reach full human intelligence.

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  1. this video is confusing, my son is 3 but is in the 7-11 group of thinking?? can someone help me understand this cuz obviously my son is smarter than I am.

  2. thank you so so so so much this is a great video

  3. Such a nyc video helped a lot

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    hi. ı love the video. can ı use this at my channel by add subtitle?

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    an Master lavel
    please send link

  6. Can I have a book on this educational psychology?

  7. Can I have all of medical school taught with whistling and xylophone in the background please? TYSM

  8. Hyena says:

    I have a prelim exam in 2 days for society and culture ah ha ha

  9. it must be fun watching your baby grow :((

  10. SBU Iroda says:

    Dou you have for instance the entire written English text what the narrator says in the video? Thanks in advance

  11. Sara A says:

    Excellent and informative video

  12. dear selene says:

    Watching this makes me realise i didnt grew up well 😅

  13. Claire Giles says:

    Some of My cognitive behaviours are stuck at the age of 7 and 12

  14. Please do Freud's psychosexual development.

  15. why the whistling?????

  16. Jay Whoisit says:

    Except for the fact that there are way more that 5 senses

  17. At 18 yrs old, my mother left the household, at 19, my father passed, in my 20s, my brother died, in my 30s, my mother passed, in my 40s, my sister died…………..🤕 !

  18. [Blank] says:

    I always imagine myself as the rest of the world, it’s sickening.

  19. [Blank] says:

    When I watch this, all I can think of is how wrong it is. I reached the second 3rd stage before I was 2!!!

  20. Tundra Boy says:

    College is pointless when channels like this exist.

  21. He is completely wrong.
    We do not have to do any of that. That is done as a process of evolution. We have to do exactly what Plato told you, and exactly what the Bible tells you. Learn, think, and teach, binary information processing because it is the foundation of maintaining, promoting, and protecting the biosphere.

    The human race is still proto-linguistic.
    You cannot even read yet. Adam and Eve, a conjugate binary pair, i.e. complete binary induction and deduction.

    If you had read the Bible, it repeats, man is too illiterate to read it until then.

    And this is not a theory at all. Only the illiterate spout nonsensical theories.

  22. Piaget described the overall development of a child's development of a child's interaction with the environment… Do you agree/disagree with examples substantiate your answer?????? Your views please!!!

  23. Thank you so much 👍👍🥰but please add Russian subtitles 👍🙏🙏🙏sorry for my broken English

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  25. Thanks for this valuable and helpful theory, thanks for excellent drawings and animations. I can improve my listening skill via that a lot!!!
    I highly appreciate all the things your channel had created.
    Thanks for all ^^

  26. Royal S says:

    So, we become adult around 12?

  27. Love the visual!! I would love to see this done for the other theorists, Vygotsky, Erickson, etc.

  28. Nonts M says:

    I have to write if I agree to disagree with the theory.

    I'm not sure I agree.

    I have no idea how to even start an essay

  29. Need to learn this for my teachers degree in art. Thank you very much 🙂 the cognitive development of a child is in correlation with it's artistic development. Super interesting!

  30. Pfsif says:

    The "Greatest Generation" would beat their kids for doing most things in those stages. Yes we're fucked up.

  31. Thank you very helpful topic

  32. King Muena says:

    Continue doing this king of videos. It really helps thank you.

  33. Tom Holland says:

    Ah commutative mathematical operations! 😊

  34. Sandra Giani says:

    I think most of this starts in woumb

  35. Stages are correct but what to learn at what stage is generally incorrect and is shown incorrectly in this video too.

  36. teala haj says:

    studying this for high-school

  37. Ehsan 5D says:

    what happens after stage 4???

  38. MonguzTea says:

    Most people i know never reached stage 3.

  39. Aerin Volk says:

    And many religious people never reach the concrete operational stage.

  40. This still does not explain why people call me naive, simpleton, stupid, too innocent, to simple, dumb etc etc.

  41. I’ve heard this at least 20 times or more and because I am a visual learner so many light bulbs poppin on💡Thanks!

  42. IMA SKIER says:

    Well,… it's a theory

  43. Dea Rahma says:

    Good video, thanks