Rudy Ernst presents… Dada Action Painting at the QCC Art Gallery


Rudy Ernst: Action Painting at the QCC Art Gallery of April 21, 2009

Life is too short to worry about Wall Street’s financial derivatives in the amount of “Four hundred eighty-five trillion seven hundred forty-eight billion two hundred ninety-six million four hundred seventy-eight thousand three hundred twenty-eight dollars and seventy-eight cents.”

Rudy Ernst has declared himself a happy Dadaist-Philosopher who paints and writes rather from the guts than from the brain.

This film shows highlights of how the artist is painting a 110-foot canvas in less than forty minutes, being driven entirely by the spur of the moment. Ernst (who carries a Ph.D. in economics) finally adds the absurd (but real) above-mentioned dollar amount to show how dadaesque (nonsensical) our economy has become.


31 Responses

  1. Reflection and meditation !!!

  2. A su edad, cuanta tontería…..

  3. Sa-rah says:

    Personally i don't find this shit art it's bullshit some circles and stupid lines with stupid colors a kid of 3yrs can do better plus he's drinking champagne 🥂🍾 and riding a bicycle🚴 seriously old man 👴 and the red shirt with the flip on the pillow really 🤸 ????? He's like proud and confident that it was a good shit come on now 😒😒😒😒 wtf and they pay him for that ??????? I hope note 😑 cause that would be stupid as Fuck

  4. Sue Walters says:

    Movement, color and imagination , like it. By the way the shirt doesn’t bother me.

  5. BoeMond says:

    Meanwhile in my mind:
    Don’t focus that shirt!
    Don’t focus that shirt!
    Don’t focus that shirt!
    Don’t focus that shirt!
    Don’t focus that shirt!
    Don’t focus that shirt!
    Don’t focus that shirt!

  6. I don’t have time for this shit

  7. So I guess he started the crop top trend ???😂

  8. Cara me amarro no senhor 10 no seu trabalho queria te conhece me responda tenho muito que aprender com o senhor

  9. Uh…yea, what's on ESPN!

  10. monkeymilk says:

    This is the definition of smelling your own farts.

  11. Kane Stone says:

    His Chinese is so ancient , I can’t read it .

  12. Lou Hawk says:

    Total accepted fuckery stamped with value by fuckers.
    Nonsensical ridiculousness ..

  13. twizni's abstract artworks for modern interiors

  14. thats why im scared of getting old….

  15. Bellus Deus says:

    i dont know man.. as i see it its all a big act that represent our life.. its like going through life doing basically nothing and pointless in a fucking uncomfortable and limiting body which i think his clothes represent..

  16. MzNCNYC20 says:

    LMAO who's grand dad is this? love the spontaneity of it all.

  17. al rachal says:

    The shirt made me feel yucky! The painting was a waste of time!

  18. Patti Murphy says:

    What a whack..anybody can paint like that!

  19. Yookin Tryta says:

    polyester is an odd choice of attire. but he can kick and he can stretch and he can kick. i can appreciate this. its beautiful in the way that he is so free in that moment. present. and likely he smells bad at the end. cuz polyester isn't breathable fabric. and its really distracting to see it on him moving around as fast as he is. but i can dig it.

  20. Thumb Print says:

    Rudy is very fit and moves rapidly across that white. He is having fun. The end result – for me at least – was a festive space with figures in carnival attire.
    But as this was Dada, the performance should have been the thing. There needed to be some joyful people dancing about while Rudy painted, in my view. Happenings and Dada performances were always a crowd thing. Not just suits with cameras. Rudy was wasted on them.
    The shrunken clothing was funny – and the majority of commenters could not get past it; but Rudy is a great deal fitter and slimmer than most people in America, young and old.

  21. very pretty Rudy.your mom would like it…

  22. FrankDuks says:

    Brah, wear a shirt that fits.

  23. Rudy Ernst says:

    Those 485 trillion dollars are now increased to (reportedly) 2 quadrillion dollars. Can you washing machine champs relate to that?