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The Observer and the Observed are One

Lynn Love Freedom From the Known. : https://krishnamurti-teachings.info/v… Chapter 12 – The Observer and the Observed Transcript: https://krishnamurti-teachings.info/b… Narrator :Adam Behr Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Freedom-from-th. Educational Purposes. Source

Hacking Reality [Official Film]

Quantum Gravity Research Is there an 8-dimensional “engine” behind our universe? Join Marion Kerr on a fun, visually exciting journey as she explores a mysterious, highly complex structure known simply as ‘E8’–a weird, 8-dimensional...

Particle Accelerators Reimagined – with Suzie Sheehy

The Royal Institution Particle accelerators aren’t just for studying particle physics. Suzie Sheehy explains how accelerators actually work, highlights her research controlling high power proton beams and imagines what they may be capable of...

What is the Future of Particle Accelerators?

The Royal Institution Suzie Sheehy chairs a discussion between accelerator physicists from across the field on what’s next for particle accelerators. Watch our full series on particle accelerators: https://youtu.be/V_hirIK9eFs?list=PLbnrZHfNEDZx0mVe9wGxg5kyKdofRJJ7m Watch the Q&A that followed...

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