What is consciousness? – Michael S. A. Graziano


Explore the theories of human consciousness and the science of how your brain works to create a conscious experience.

Patient P.S. suffered a stroke that damaged the right side of her brain, leaving her unaware of everything on her left side. If someone threw a ball at her left side, she might duck. But she wouldn’t have awareness of the ball or know why she ducked. Where does consciousness come from? Michael Graziano explores the question that has vexed scientists and philosophers for centuries.

Lesson by Michael S. A. Graziano, directed by TED-Ed.
Animation by Janis Aussel – https://cargocollective.com/janisaussel

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44 Responses

  1. Uriah says:

    So do you know what to think?

    So if you touch some thing burning will you think hey I need to pull my hand away or does it automatically happen

  2. Ahmad Shaban says:

    Where is consciousness? The answer can be found in the following article: https://psyarxiv.com/angc8/

  3. Lyra Azelia says:

    Thanks..I wish could get litlle help here

  4. Flik says:

    2:20 nooooo prisms don't break light that way, and you did so well with the cogs!

  5. can someone explain to me the example in which he presents the flashlight? I lost track there. What is the example trying to explain?

  6. Personal frequency linked cosmically. The astral.

  7. The dream was so convincingly complete; it must be a different path in a next…an other outcome; portal outside time.

  8. Jockmon says:

    I used to think consciousnesses came from the brain and that it’s just neurological connections but then I realized we can think and envision anything anywhere anytime instantaneously. My theory is that consciousness Isn’t on the multicellular level but is the fundamental building block of this reality. That’s why particles can be in a superposition. Lmk what y’all think about it?? ?

  9. JTheory says:

    its a…. my opinion and not based on evidence.

  10. GDDM sam says:

    It's a chemical process of a sufficiently evolved brain. We have shown this to be teye, I don't know why people keep saying; "we don't know where consciousness comes from." We know exactly where it comes from, the brain. It's clear, obvious and proven. Look at neurological studies on the subject. They are absolutely explicit in their descriptions.

  11. 1Soul1Ra says:

    When you evolve your consciousness you will ascend to a higher dimension as multi dimensional being. This is the purpose of life of all beings in the universe. The problem of humanity is that they didn't even know their purpose; they are lost. Without evolving the consciousness the human eventually will devolve into a demon. Simple as that.
    Now whats the difference between our world and higher realm is simply that; consciousness. The beings of a higher realm have evolved their consciousness to the level that they can reincarnate a soul in a human body, not to mention the human DNA which was projected as manifestation of their own.

  12. are you trying to tell us that intuition is consciousness?

  13. Thought is man's power… I've got to keep seeking… "He who has the consciousness of reality has eternal life—that lamp which can never be extinguished." – Abdu’l-Baha, Baha'i Faith

  14. Jacob L says:

    What is experiencing the model?

  15. MindDrift says:

    Wrong. I have ADHD. I do alot without focusing and even more without thinking.

  16. Tonio9606 says:

    So if consciousness is in a certain part of the brain, how do you explain people who are conscious with only half a brain?

  17. So you are telling me I am conscious about something only when my brain takes a selfie ? of itself while I am doing that something ? Then going by that model I should not be conscious of what I am doing when I am processing something NEW right or at least my brain should not understand what it is doing exactly?(because my brain won't have a model of itself processing that) So for the first time in my life I imagined a man having a bouquet on his head instead of hair. But even when I did that I was aware that I am imagining a man with a bouquet on his head. It only makes me want to think that we are not our brain but a third party ( something like a soul …maybe.. I don't know). Because the idea of our brains understanding by itself what it is doing all the time even when doing those things for the first time seems impossible to meeting? (At least with what I know now)

  18. We still don’t even know if what we refer to as ‘consciousness’ was an evolutionary unavoidability, a freak accident of nature, or a manifestation of some hereditary human brain disease. The very question of what consciousness is, beyond the simple self awareness aspects (a trait that could be identified in a number of animal species, as well) may not be a scientific one at all, since it is not ultimately subject to the falsifiability test. As the apparent absurdity stands today, we couldn’t even devise an experiment to prove, or disprove, that we live in a simulated reality; perhaps one setup and manipulated by some other/alien type of consciousness. Our continued persistence in a brain-processed reality doesn’t even extend us the privilege of knowing what the ultimate nature of the object of our consciousness may be. In other words, what exactly is it that we think we are conscious of? So we go on living our mortal lives in search of answers that might never be. All the while pragmatically content in our lingering state of ignorance, and overjoyed by our technological marvels and the myriad of creative strategies to feed our need for the denial of death.

  19. Jsp Lazar says:

    Night: i want to sleep
    Brain: No. let s stay awake and remember all your mistakes

  20. John Smith says:

    What if conciousness has nothing to do with the brain, except that the brain can acknowledge it? What if there are things we do not acknowledge as brains that function like brains?

  21. John Smith says:

    After spending a lifetime studying animal behavior and interacting with animals, I believe that conciousness may be a universal truth. I know that seems foreign and far fetched, but the science is heading in that direction now and I believe that is where it is going to end up.

  22. So your saying consciousness is in the right side?

  23. boo boo says:

    about the white light : you couldn't pick a more complicated example ? and about your definition of councousness : you couldn't have made it more complicated ? I mean y don't you make the video in a secret language ? THAT WILL SURELY HELP ! ??

  24. Paul Watson says:

    Maybe consciousness is life itself.

  25. ْ ّ says:

    This voice over got great voice

  26. Psychedelic are the paradox of consciousness

  27. Pizza Gamer says:

    When my brain give me one billion dollar lol.

  28. Great talk Michael, thanks!

  29. But why my self=soul=Consciousness is in this body and not in a different one.
    How my Consciousness select witch body and Parents i get.

  30. It always confuses me. I settle with the whole scientific we are just meatbags idea but then that means a copy of me is also me. I would be them experiencing the world in them cause clearly we are all just our bodies. BUT we have no means to prove consciousness is some sort of odd thing that comes from somewhere else.

    Just the idea that our consciousness comes from elsewhere makes more sense to me than I am my flesh. If I am my flesh then I can be killed and rebuilt using some other organic materials and the person being born would be me the me that is typing this. Not a copy with it's own self and my memories. Me. Like maybe my consciousness "jumps" over to that body? Idk.

  31. TheSparks V says:

    Getting ad abt Lisa Nicholas before this

  32. I hear LSD will take you to a new level of consciousness.

  33. I feel like I’m being controlled or am I what’s controlling me? Ofm ??

  34. Litterly everything is consiousness

  35. Ethan Harhut says:

    I believe consciousness is what lives on after we die and what does he mean by saying the person is in a vegetated state with no consciousness wouldn't the person be dead?

  36. Sidious 68 says:

    There is a good YouTube channel for the material on here. It's called Afterlife topics and metaphysics ???

  37. Stu Mas says:

    Waste of time.
    The title of this video should be: 'Move along – nothing to learn here" .

  38. Owl Sparks says:

    the reel questions is how do we imagine things like we can imagine things by description and all but I mean see things in our brain some people can't and I want to know why someone can't and some can

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